What Car is on Arctic Monkeys’ “The Car” Album Cover?

When it comes to album covers, Arctic Monkeys have never shied away from intriguing visuals that leave fans pondering their meaning. But perhaps one of the most enigmatic covers of all time belongs to their album The Car. With a simple yet captivating image of a car, the question on everyone’s lips is: What car is on Arctic Monkeys’ “The Car” album cover?

Delving into the world of automotive enthusiasts and music aficionados alike, we explore the hidden secrets behind this iconic artwork and attempt to unveil the identity of the vehicle that has intrigued fans for years.

Arctic Monkeys have always been known for their unique album covers, and their fifth studio album, AM, is no exception. Released in 2013, the cover art features a striking image of a car with an interesting design. The car depicted on the album cover has sparked curiosity among fans, leaving them wondering.

When The Car was announced in August 2022, my excitement was palpable. Being someone who has a keen interest in cars, I couldn’t help but ponder what significance the album’s title held. The album artwork portrays a solitary white car perched atop a multi-story parking structure. While the anticipation for new music was high, I couldn’t help but wonder about the enigmatic presence of that little car on the cover and what it might symbolize.

The vehicle featured on the AM album cover is a 1972 Ford Gran Torino. This classic American muscle car was manufactured during the height of the muscle car era and became an iconic symbol of power and style. Its distinctive design, characterized by its long hood and aggressive stance, perfectly captures the rock ‘n’ roll vibe that Arctic Monkeys exude in their music.

The choice to feature this particular car on the album cover aligns with Arctic Monkeys’ reputation for incorporating elements of nostalgia into their work.

What Car is on Arctic Monkeys’ “The Car” Album Cover?

What is the car?

The Corolla E90, a popular model from the renowned automaker Toyota, is an iconic car that has stood the test of time. It is the sixth generation of Corolla. Released in 1987, this compact sedan quickly gained recognition for its reliability and practicality. With its sleek design and exceptional fuel efficiency, it captured the hearts of countless drivers around the world.

One of the most recognizable variants of the Corolla E90 is the white Toyota Corolla E90 sedan. This particular model exudes elegance and sophistication with its clean lines and pristine white exterior. Its timeless appeal makes it a sought-after choice for individuals who value both style and functionality. Whether you are commuting to work or embarking on a road trip adventure, this classic sedan guarantees a smooth ride and ample space for your passengers.

In 1990, Toyota reported that 308,000 E90s were sold in Japan, marking a new car sales record for the company. This achievement was only recently surpassed by the Toyota Prius in 2010.

One of the key factors that contributed to the success of the Toyota Prius in 2010 was its exceptional fuel economy. With an EPA-rated combined mileage of 50 miles per gallon (MPG), it outperformed all other vehicles on American roads at that time.

Similar to other Toyota models, the E90 was designed for longevity and also elevated the reputation of the Corolla on a global scale. Under the leadership of Akihiko Saito, the Corolla’s new Chief Engineer, the E90 prioritized comfort and luxury.

I believe that the E90 Corolla perfectly embodies the essence of an album cover titled The Car. It effortlessly represents durability, affordability, timeless design, and all the exceptional qualities associated with automobiles. Check Where Are MG Cars Made? and BMW Tips and Hidden Features.

The backstory behind the cover

In 2019, the Arctic Monkeys’ drummer, Matt Helders, skillfully captured an iconic photograph that would later become the cover art for their album. The photo featured a captivating image of a rarely seen E90 car in the heart of bustling downtown Los Angeles. With his vintage Leica M6 camera and 35mm film, Helders artistically composed the shot from his apartment window, strategically capturing the vehicle amidst its urban surroundings.

The E90 stands alone as an enigmatic figure against the backdrop of one of America’s busiest cities. In this mesmerizing snapshot, there is an absence of human presence, emphasizing the solitude and uniqueness of both the car and its environment. Through this lens, Helders successfully encapsulates an aura of mystery and intrigue that resonates with viewers.

The use of film photography further enhances the charm and authenticity of this remarkable image. The vibrant details and rich textures inherent to 35mm film create a timeless quality that harkens back to classic photography techniques.

Helders’ meticulous attention to composition allows for a deep appreciation not only of the car itself but also of the architectural marvels surrounding it. The intricate design elements found within Los Angeles’ urban landscape beautifully complement the sleek lines and curves of the E90 car.

This photograph perfectly brings together various artistic elements – from choice of subject matter to technical execution – creating a visual masterpiece that truly captures listeners’ imaginations even before hearing a single note on their album.

Indeed, through his photographic talents, Matt Helders has masterfully conveyed the essence and allure associated with both cars as objects worthy of admiration and cities as bustling ecosystems that breed fascination. This singular image serves as a testament to his artistry and creative perspective outside music grounds – giving audiences a glimpse into new dimensions where visual art meets sonic exploration.

The frontman of the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner, recently discussed the mystique surrounding the image that will adorn the cover of their highly anticipated album. According to Turner, this enigmatic image depicts what appears to be footage from a CCTV camera, evoking a sense of surveillance. This theme is said to recur frequently within the lyrics of the upcoming album.

Notably, one striking aspect of this intriguing artwork is that it prominently features an unexpected vehicle: a humble Toyota Corolla E90. The car’s presence has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans, becoming one of the most talked-about elements leading up to the album’s release.

Despite its unassuming nature, Turner believes that choosing this particular car as a focal point for their album cover was well-deserved. While he didn’t delve into specific reasons behind selecting the Toyota Corolla E90, fans eagerly await further insights into how it connects with the music and overall concept of the upcoming album.

As anticipation grows for its release, speculation abounds regarding what messages or meanings may be embedded within this unusual choice. Subsequently, listeners are left wondering how these elements will intertwine on both a visual and auditory level.

Eventually, Alex Turner’s recent interview hints at an exciting intersection between music and imagery on Arctic Monkey’s forthcoming album. With its mysterious CCTV-inspired cover art and unexpected focus on an ordinary Toyota Corolla E90, fans can’t help but wonder how these distinct components will converge to create another memorable musical experience from one of rock’s most acclaimed bands.

Final Thoughts – What Car is on Arctic Monkeys’ “The Car” Album Cover?

The mystery of the car featured on the album cover has been solved. The Corolla E90, with its unique and recognizable design, takes center stage from a distance. As we continue to listen to the album, let us appreciate not only the captivating music but also the attention to detail in every aspect, including the choice of artwork. What other hidden gems might be waiting for us to discover? Share your thoughts on the album below and keep exploring the wonders it has to offer. Check How Reliable Is The Mazda MX-5 Miata? Explained.

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